Turn your posts into viral giveaways and contests to get massive engagement, leads, and sales.

Generate leads and sales from simple Facebook posts using Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

The Kings of the sale use Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Save a lot of time

WWCD helps you stop wasting so much time doing things that can be easily automated. While you save all that time, you can do whatever other things you like to do.

Increase financial gains

WWCD will not only help you save money, but you don't have to hire a VA to do things that can be done just as easily with automated software. Use your time and money to better use and exponential growth..

Get Proven Systematic Results

WWCD helps you automate highly proven lead generation and sales processes without having to spend a lot of your precious time or money to get the end results. WWCD works, it automates a proven process.

So how does WWCD help you get more leads and sales?

Boost your Facebook posts

Use our Winner Winner Chicken Dinner to boost your engagement on all your FB posts and increase the number of leads and sales you make on social media.

Configure wwcd on posts

Our easy to use extension will allow you to turn any of your FB posts into viral giveaways and contests, which has been proven to increase engagement on those posts and all your other posts as well.

WWCD does its job

The extension can send dynamic messages to winners and different messages to all contestants who did not win.

Use this extension if you want to create massive engagement on your FB posts and increase the number of leads and sales you get from FB..

Get more leads and sales

You can select the number of winners for any contest and how the winner will be chosen. Either by last to comment, most comments, or a random commenter.

You can also select whether participants must like and share the post to win. Then select the time and date when the winner will be selected and let the software do its thing and automate the process.


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No, your card will not be charged today. You have a free trial period of 3 to 7 days during which you have access to all features. If you feel that the software(s) are not suitable, send an email 24 hours BEFORE the end of the trial period to support@lebot.io and your account will be deleted and the payment cancelled.

Is there technical support and is the software updated regularly?

Yes, as a partner I show you in detail how to install and use them. In addition, a team of software engineers from the company that developed the software, work full time on this software to add new features and make updates regularly.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can request a cancellation at any time.

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